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Custom Pool Designs

When purchasing pools that haven’t been designed with you and your family in mind, you can often fall into a trap of buying something that you don’t actually want. At Oasis Pools, we aim to provide you with pools that not only meet your needs aesthetically but are functional and safe for the entire family.

We will run through everything from your budget and design choices, to pros and cons. This gives us a thorough understanding of your needs so that we can deliver modern pool designs that fit seamlessly into your home and meet your requirements.

End to End Concrete Pool Designs

Before discussing and planning your pool landscape design, we’ll need an accurate, scaled plan of your house that includes boundaries, sewer locations, soak wells, and above-ground obstacles.

During this stage, we can easily make any changes you need, and have you directly involved in the size and shape of your pool.

You should consider the following at this stage of the pool design process:

Visibility – From inside your home, we’ll assess where your pool should be situated, and how much of it will be visible from certain angles and areas within your home. This will also help guide our designers on what the best shape of pool would be.

Location and Heating – If your pool is going to be in a shaded area of your garden, you might want to consider heating options to keep the water at the perfect temperature. However, if the pool is going to be placed in full sun, it’s important to know that the water will be warmer.

Safety and Traffic Flow – We avoid placing seats and steps at the end of swimming lanes to prevent potential accidents. We’ll also think about where people are going to be walking around your pool, which dictates where we place seats, steps, ledges, gates, and fences. And, we take into account space for your dogs to roam and lawn areas for your kids to play on, while also considering paved areas, gardens, retaining walls, fencing, and where we’ll put your filtration equipment.

Once you’re satisfied with the pool design and shape, we can discuss the preparation and specification. Our interview process usually takes around two hours and involves us covering the following:

Pool width and the depth of both the shallow and deep ends. If you have kids, it’s recommended to measure their heights when standing and sitting to determine pool depth.

The shape of the floor. Note that with concrete pools, we can design and shape the floor to your specifications. This means that your pool floor can be one depth, have a slope or even have a diving bowl incorporated into it.

Specifics like play areas, steps to sit on and enjoy a drink, and more.

Locations of the skimmer box filtration system and pool water returns.

Retaining walls, water features, spa jets, air blowers, paving and sterilisation.

Once all of the above has been signed off by you, we’ll prepare detailed sketches of your pool’s design and send them off to the engineer for steel and concrete specification. We also take it upon ourselves to provide your local government and pool builder with these same sketches.

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