Water Features & Fountains

Water features

There is an almost infinite number of ideas in water feature creation.

In this article we will look at the three most frequently requested features.

Rock water falls for a rustic natural feature

In simple terms granite rocks are built around a pool water circulation pipe with a valve to adjust the flow.

The price is a function of size and time required to complete the construction.

A concrete base should be poured for a water fall foundation and arranged so water flows back to the pool around the rocks.

The rocks can be located on the pool edge or in a concrete ledge that is lower than the waterline of the pool.

The rocks are then located in the water.

The ledge provides a concrete support for the rocks and helps eliminates leaking through the rocks.

Rocks are measured in a simple method: man handle, two man handle, bobcat handle and crane handle size.

Of course access for machinery affects the cost and size of the rocks that can be used.

As a guide a one m3 rock weighs about two tonnes. A water fall 1.5m high and five metres wide will cost around $10000.

Water walls with blades

Imagine a 3 m wall with a tiled face, a neat bull nosed capping, water blade 1.2m wide with internal LED lighting located on the edge of your pool.

Add a three way water valve to enable you to control the water flow through the blade.

Your budget is also around $10000.

Blades come in several sizes and even special orders if required.

Remote controlled valves and separate pumps are also available if required.

It is not uncommon for three blades and extra pumps to create a water showpiece and now you may need $20,000.

Fountain sprays

Laminar jets come with built in LED lighting with several colours and create a high single spray up to 2.4 m into the air.

low can be adjusted to suit manually or via an Aqualink remote system.

They are approximately $1000 each and are powered by the filter pump or in the case where multiple jets are required an auxiliary pump.

Water features can be part of retaining walls, raised platforms, boundary walls.


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