Pool Blankets

Pool Blankets

The quality ranges from

free giveaway pool covers with poor quality usually offered to help close your purchase, to individually designed quality covers with at least a 10 year warranty.

Pool blankets are now compulsory due to local government rules.

The purpose of a cover is basically to reduce evaporation, heat up the pool and also to prevent rubbish from finding its way into the pool.

Of course a pool cover or blanket only does this job when the client remembers to put the cover on the pool.

The cover is the same shape as the pool and floats on the surface of the water.

A pool blanket looks like a bubble wrap plastic sheet.

The materials vary in strength and are measured by thickness and a good guide is the warranty offered.

A standard pool size cover will cost around $500 plus the roller.

There is a wide range of rollers to assist with removal and also store the cover when it has been removed from the pool.

Rollers range in price from $500- $1200. Some are metal and others are plastic.

There are several manufacturers however I suggest you investigate Elite Pool covers and Daisy pool covers.

The quality is high from both and they are Western Australian companies.

Hideaway in ground covers and rollers

It is possible to have a cover and roller built in the ground and hidden from view.

Elite have a quality product with an aluminium box in the ground and a choice of attractive flush mounted lids that are located in the pool surround paving.

An automatic winder to remove the pool blanket and roll it into the box is also available.

The product price is a function of size and installation degree of difficulty.

A guide for a hideaway cover supplied and installed is $8000 for an average size pool.

Obviously for an individually designed concrete pool with a unique shape, the cover is designed and priced individually to suit the pool.

Hard rigid covers for pools

Motorized hard covers are available and are designed to be strong enough to walk over the pool.

The automated motorized covers are similar to the action of roller doors and retract into a section of the pool so the cover is completely out of site.

The covers are made up of flexible sections and are available in a range of colours.

Solar heating will be more efficient with a clear blue hard cover.

Prices are on application and can be $40000+.

The pool designer will need to design the pool with an allowance for the concrete cover section as part of the structure.

Elite pool covers in Western Australia have working models in their display office in Balcatta.


What our Happy Clients Speak About Us

Gil was great. He accommodated our every need where others tried to scare us away from what we wanted by quoting exorbitant prices and advising us against doing what we wanted. Gil is down to earth, honest and very accommodating. His prices are competitive but his quality and after service are second to none. 3 years on and I can ring him or email him and his team and they are happy to help.

Gene Jefford

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Gill provided us with a great concrete pool. Highly recommended.

Daniel Black

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If you think you're property is too difficult to fit a pool into you need to call Gil. His team are just incredible, they will overcome any obstacle and give you just the best pool you can imagine. Hat's off to Gil with his wealth of experience and his team who can think things through on the spot and keep the job moving.... best thing we ever did.

Denise Stenhouse

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Gil provided an innovative solution to a difficult site and turned a problem area into a beautiful pool feature that continues to draw admiration. I never tire of looking at it.

Jim Netterfield

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I absolutely love my new pool, this summer will be so much fun for my family and I.
Thank you Oasis Concrete pools.

ROAR Vegan Angel

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From beginning to end of our new pool construction Gil at Oasis Pools was very professional.  They are a 5 star company.

Megan Kelly

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We love the pool. The team did a great job bringing our dream to reality.

Melanie Linden

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