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Sterilization & Water Treatment Options

How to have pool water that is safe for swimming and good for your health and also the environment. There are several options available and worth discussion before you buy your pool. Let me assure you that you do not need a degree in chemistry to look after a pool. Modern safe sterilization options are all very well proven and a lot of the work can be automated by using salt chlorinators or liquid chlorine dispensers.

Liquid Chlorine Dispensers

Imagine a computer that has the ability to sense the chlorine and acid levels and automatically adjust the water chemicals for you. The main balancing act is to maintain free chlorine levels and also balance the acidity or ph. level. There are several brands of chlorinators available. A company called Pool Controls is world famous for the Chemigem and it is made in Perth. Basically there is a small drum of liquid chlorine and a drum of pool acid. The sensors tell the machine to pump small amounts of chemicals into the pool when the water needs attention. Most of these machines are around $2500 plus chemicals. The Chemigem or similar unit is located with the filtration system. Your job is to remember to replace the drums as required or engage a pool shop to look after the pool for you..

Salt Water Chlorinators

Sodium Chloride, common salt is added to the pool water at about 0.35% or one seventh of sea water concentration. An electric power pack box about as big as a loaf of bread is connected to electrode plates located in the pipework. As the water passes through the electrode plates the chlorine is released and travels to the pool to sterilize the water. In simple terms the salt is the source of the chlorine. The acid level can also be adjusted by models that include a ph. Sensor and an acid supply drum. My records show that over 90% of clients elect to have a salt chlorinator with ph. control. Young sensitive skin and eyes seen to benefit from this simple to operate system.

Ozone from Waterco: Ozone generator

Hydroxypure is a chlorine-free water treatment system free of odours and taste.

Hydroxypure hybrid ozone technology produces high intensity wavelength of light which produces a clean form of Ozone that is free of impurities. Hydroxypure uses a combination of ozone gas and a specially formulated blend of hydrogen peroxide to create an oxidiser, without the use of salt or chlorine and the entire process is automated. This system is the only system that has been approved by the sensitive choice program of the National Asthma Council Australia

Ionic sterilization methods

From ancient Roman times water has been sterilized by using copper and silver. There are suppliers of ionic sterilizers that have sacrificial electrodes made from silver and copper. There are however warnings in place from authorities that in Perth’s summer climate the system will not control harmful microorganisms. The system can be effective when used in conjunction with chlorine and other pool chemicals. The chlorine requirement is however slightly reduced when used in conjunction with the ioniser.

Enviroswim Fresh water system

The patented fresh water system incorporates three processes: ultrasonic emitter, copper and silver ionisation and electronic oxidation. The electronic oxidiser uses the process of electrolysis in water to produce oxygen and other powerful oxidising agents. The addition of chlorine is not required with Enviroswim. This is a complex piece of science and this is only small overview. Please google Enviroswim if more information is required. Enviroswim is available from $3600 for the initial equipment.

Magna pool: Mineral water sanitisation

Magnapool‘s patented and integrated system includes a Zodiac Hydroxinator, which converts the mineral blend into a combination of a strong sanitiser and magnesium hydroxide. The system uses potassium and magnesium salts which have proven health benefits for the nervous system and also to skin condition. The pool water contains magnesium chloride and potassium chloride. Over time the mineral salt will need to be replenished from your Magnapool dealer. The resulting water is also environmentally friendly and can be pumped onto your garden when diluted five to one. There is NO sodium chloride (or normal table salt). The Magnapool system includes a glass media filter and a low energy multispeed pump which reduces the pool running cost. Ongoing costs are basically re-supplying the mineral salts.

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