Waterline Tiles & Mosaic Tile Option

Waterline Tiles

This is the start of individual colour selection by the client. Due to aggressive chemical activity at the waterline a ceramic waterline tile is recommended.

Our specification includes a single row of 200 mm x 200mm ceramic tiles around the waterline.

The tiles are available in many colours and allow the client to add their personal taste to the pools appearance.

Installation of waterline tiles can take one or two days and is usually the next task after the concrete shell stage.

The tiles set the level of the water in the pool and obviously must be perfectly level.

Step treads are also a good idea and these special shaped tiles are located on all the leading edges of the steps and ledges.

Some clients request smaller mosaic tiles in the waterline.

Mosaics require more labour time to apply a smooth render band on the concrete pool shell prior to tiling and this adds to the price. Mosaic tiles can also be placed on the steps and ledges.

Another option is to fully tile the interior with mosaic tiles. This is a labour intensive task that caan take at least one week and can almost double the basic pool price.

Most builders have an allowance built into the contract for tile supply to help the client with the selection range. If tiles are more expensive than the allowance a contract variation is arranged with the builder when the tiles are purchased.

The waterline tiles need to be cleaned occasionally with a brush or household tile cleaner. Some modern robotic pool cleaners can also handle that task for you.

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