Pool Paving

Pool Paving

Installing the bull nose coping around the pool perimeter is the next task after the waterline tiles have been secured.

There are many options to consider:

Bull nosed paving bricks

The concrete shell in a standard pool is 150 mm -200 mm thick.

The basic bull nose paving brick is approximately 270 mm wide and 400 mm long and is cemented on top of the concrete shell and slightly overhangs the outer pool wall and the water side.

This is important to provide an anti splash edge to prevent water leaving the pool when waves from swimming activity hit the wall.

Water loss is a major issue with fibreglass pools without an anti splash edge.

Overflow water loss leads to backfill collapse and sunken paving around the pool.

There are many manufacturers of paving bricks.

The products are available in a wide range of colours, materials and textures and can cause some family discussion.

Selection should be based on a non slip finish and of course the total paving in the pool surrounds.

Light coloured pavers are cooler in the sun than dark pavers and will prevent getting your feet burned.

Rough surfaces such as exposed aggregate and quartz finishes may look fancy but can catch bathing costumes, remove skin from little feet and scratch legs.

Pavers with a non slip surface but with a smooth bullnose face can prevent scratching skin when people are pulling themselves out of the pool.

We recommend the specialist poolside bullnose range from Australis Pavestones which are perfect for a concrete pool.

Our specification includes the supply and installation of the bullnose edge coping brick based on 400 mm x 270 mm with supply allowance of $30/ linear metre.

Matching colours and textures are available to complete the surround paving.

Australis can match a wide range of existing paving and textures if required.

Poured exposed aggregate surrounds

Specialist suppliers in this area prefer to supply and install the rough poured aggregate surround after the waterline tiling but in lieu of a brick paver.

While most pool builders are open minded to this product, it is worth noting that if there is a future pipe leak the aggregate will need to be removed and patched.

Pavers however enable an easy repair at a fraction of the cost required to replace a poured surround.

Timber decking

Timber decking is fashionable currently and provides an attractive entertainment surface.

Timber is about three times the price of paving but can provide some texture contrast to the pool surround.

I have 50 m2 of timber at home and apart from annual maintenance the surface is easy to live with.

Timber and water do not mix well and timber can twist and warp over time.

To prevent the timber deteriorating I suggest timber decking backing up to the anti splash pool edge but not overhanging the water itself.

The pool bullnose provides a smooth perimeter and a contrast to the timber.

Surround paving

Part of our service is to supply and install paving if required to complete the total project


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