Water Depth and Floor Shapes

Lap Pools

It is popular for Lap pools with a long swimming lane to have a pool depth of 1.4m all throughout.

Of course some people want to have a deep end so that is also an easy to build option.

Pools 5m or less length

The same depth of 1.4m overall is again popular with family pools.

Most ladies want to be able to stand with their heads above water so they can handle children and also exercise with aqua fitness workouts.

If clients require a shallow end of 1.0m and a deep end of 1.8m in a short pools the slope on the floor can be steep and make it uncomfortable to stand.

Usually we suggest 1.2m in the shallow and 1.7m maximum in the deep.

This creates a more usable shaped floor.

Pools 5m or greater

Steady slope increase option

If you select a shallow end of 1.1m and a regular slope to the other end to 1.8m the deepest part is next to the end wall. There is very little deep end for fun and games.

Most active children do not like this option.

It is a good idea to measure the family heights and get them involved.

Diving Bowl option

After serious discussion with my four children, when they were young, we decided to divide the floor depth into three equal sections.

Shallow 1.2m for ball games and shorter people

A sloping section for one third

The very popular deep end that was safe to dive into and for endless “bombies’’.

In my experience the children will always want the pool to be very deep however in practice you will find that most activity in the shallow end.

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