Plant Room for Filtration Equipment

Plant Room For Filtration Equipment

Equipment floor area
  • All pools require a place to locate the filtration and sterilization equipment.
  • This is usually greater than 3.5m from the pool but hopefully less than 10m from the pool.
  • If the equipment is required to be closer to the pool than 3.5m the electrical rules require a 1.8m high wall between the pool and the electrical power points and equipment.
  • Electrical power for the pump and other equipment is provided by an electrician to the pump and filter site.
  • Usually two double power points are required.
  • The filtration area or plant room requires a solid floor either brick paved or concreted to supply a solid base for the equipment.
  • A standard 700mm sand filter with a pool pump requires a minimum of one metre by 1.5m of floor space.
  • A slim line cartridge filter has a smaller base and requires approximately 1.0m x 0.7m.
  • If the pool has a filter, pump, water feature pump, salt water chlorinator or liquid chlorine sterilizer the area increase to 2.0m x 1.0m.
  • Add a heater either gas or electric and the area obviously increases further to 2.5m x 1.0m.

Recently we completed a swim jet pool and supplied a client with:

  • 2 x swim jet pumps
  • 1 x filter pump
  • 1 x filter for pool
  • 1 x circulation pump for the heater
  • 1 x filter for heater line
  • 1 x electric heater
  • 1 x salt water chlorinator
  • 2 x underwater lights
  • 1 x automatic timer for the heater
  • Aqualink remote control system
  • The plant room area required was 3.0m x 1.5m

Equipment layout

  • This is an area for professional filtration installers.
  • Most filtration suppliers have representatives to provide advice on layout and installation.
  • Diagrams of the best layouts are provided by manufacturers on request.
  • In most cases the companies have a sample filtration plant set up in their main offices to enable clients to see the actual product.
  • A visit to see the equipment before purchase should eliminate surprises when the equipment is delivered.
  • Your pool designer should be able to supply a detailed plan of the equipment layout prior to supplying pipework to your filtration area.
  • The layout of the equipment will assist you in ongoing pool maintenance.
  • The last thing a new owner wants is an untidy bundle of pipes and random distribution of equipment in the plant room.
  • Backwash facilities to enable easy cleaning and a space for chemical storage should also be part of the area layout consideration.
  • In summary modern slim line cartridge filters require less floor are than sand filters.
  • An electric heat pump will require less space than a gas heater.


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