Council Building Application Procedure

Council Building

After the initial pool design interview the designer leaves the client’s home.

When he has prepared the pool design and site plans, another appointment is made to present the detailed drawings and specification to the client.

The pool designer prepares scaled drawings of the entire house block showing pool location, access for earthworks, fencing, filter location, datum levels, sewer details, soak wells and out buildings.

When the client has decided to proceed with the pool construction the next step is to apply for a building permit from Local Government.

The Engineer drawings are then ordered and prepared by the Engineering Company.

The Engineer usually takes at least two weeks to prepare the drawings.

Building permit application

The pool designer prepares the specialized

Building application form with the client.

It is important to make sure all details of the owner are accurate.

It is amazing how building permits can be delayed by simple mistakes.

The names on the application must exactly match the titles office records.

Building permit application fees are usually part of the pool sale price.

However items such as Council footpath or kerb deposits vary from Council to Council and are the responsibility of the home owner.

These are usually refundable items from the Council after the pool is completed.

The Engineer details and site drawings are supplied to the council with the building application forms.

Water Corporation application

To confirm sewer depths and locations the designer must also apply to the Water Corporation for approval of the pool location.

It is worth noting that a concrete pool can be constructed next to a household sewer connection. There are however rules for building close to a main sewer.

The water corporation requires space for their workmen if they need access to the main sewer so a 900mm space is required between the pool wall and the sewer.

A sewer that is deeper than the pool can also require additional concrete piling under the pool down to the sewer depth.
These piles or piers are part of the pool design and support the pool shell from the sewer depth.

Because the concrete pool is structurally self-supporting the pool can easily be emptied without risk to the sewer or pool structure.

A fibreglass pool which is not structurally self-supporting is required to be located the depth of the pool plus 900mm which could disqualify the project completely if a sewer was in the property.

I may be old fashioned but I always lodge the building application in person so the Council has all the details and hopefully prevent unnecessary delays.

In most cases Local Government require about 30 days to process a pool building application.

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