Child Friendly Pool Zones

Play areas and child friendly zones

Social play areas

One of the most requested features from our range is a shallow children’s play area.

Walk in steps are best integrated into the child friendly zones.

A 3.0 m x 3.0 m area or similar with a depth of 450 mm provides a play area at second step level and enables small children to have a defined play zone where they can easily stand.

It is also a comfortable depth for family to supervise play while sitting in the pool and enjoying a cool drink.

In most families, after they have completed their thirty fast swimming laps, the step becomes the zone of social choice.

The L shaped pool is popular with the play area on one side of a clear training lane..

We also have provided tables in the area however from my own experiences they can get in the way and the novelty soon fades.

Play area enhancements

Consider Volcano jets: These are air bubbles coming up from one big valve the floor and allowing children to have some extra fun.

Also an Air track in the floor: 12 small air jets that have an air blower making the water look like it is a spa.

Massage jet in the walls: 8 water jets with a separate pump to provide adjustable massage for big and little kids.

The surface finish in a play area recommended is smooth Dura quartz plaster which is kind to young sensitive skin.


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