Port Bouvard, Wannanup WA

Built by Oasis Pools, this 7m x 3.5m out-of-ground concrete pool offers stunning views over the picturesque canal waters. The owners of the property wanted a pool that was self-supporting and maximised space, and Oasis Pools achieved this by building the pool on the upper floor of the house. The pool was built above the existing paving, which meant that it required minimal space because no extra retaining walls were required.

Owner of Oasis Pools, Gil Howard worked closely with his team to design and arrange construction of this stunning pool.
The finished space is a family-friendly pool that provides the owners of the home with stunning water views from every angle.
The pool is surfaced in Duraquartz Ice Blue plaster, and the surrounding paving was provided by Australis Pavers.

Oasis Pools removed some of the existing retaining walls and went to great lengths to ensure the pool could be built in the limited space available.
Oasis Pools found it difficult to gain access to the area, as it was only accessible through an 800mm door that was located at the rear of the property’s garage. This meant that all earthworks and construction materials were carried through this small space.
The pool area is fenced off with chic glass fencing, which was provided by GR8 Glass Pool Fencing, and gives the pool an elegant touch.
Featuring state-of-the-art filtration equipment, including a large CS250 cartridge filter, a Zodiac flo pro pump, and Zodiac Z300 MD8 electric heating, the pool is equipped with some of the finest products on the market.
The pool also features clear Spa Electrics WN950 underwater lighting, which creates a beautiful, iridescent glow in the water.
Howard is the owner and pool designer for Oasis Pools, and maintains a reputation for offering his clients quality concrete pools in unusual locations.
Concrete pools can be created in any shape and size to suit varying site conditions, including odd-shaped blocks, steep and sloping blocks, small spaces and any other challenging areas.
Oasis Pools is an expert in projects that present logistical and access difficulties, and Howard offers his clients exceptional design, construction knowledge and experience. Whether you have a simple site, or a challenging block that many designers would shy away from, Howard can always rise to the challenge.
The company builds approximately ten to 15 pools per year, and prides itself on its ability to create masterpieces in even the most difficult sites.
Particular design features such as infinity-edges are all easily achievable for Oasis Pools, and the company can help you every step of the way to ensure you’re left with the perfect pool for your property.