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Churchlands Custom Concrete Installation
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Churchlands Pool Installation
Churchlands Custom Concrete Pool
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Custom Concrete Pool in Churchlands
Churchlands Concrete Pool Installation
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Churchlands Pool Project

Oasis Concrete Pool at Churchlands for Deborah Whiting

This project was a very difficult pool building task at #1 Saint Martins Close Churchlands.

This unique Oasis pool design and location presented the construction team with a project with a high degree of difficulty.

The large established house in Churchlands only had the front yard as a possible pool location.

An existing brick boundary wall was located on the front boundary and there was only 4.5m of width between the double storey house and the wall.

Like many front yard pools there can be many underground obstacles.

A DIAL BEFORE YOU DIG report was ordered and showed a site clear of sewers, telephones and water or gas connections.

Churchlands is noted for high levels of ground water and is built on top of mud from the reclaimed Herdsman lake swamplands.

Designer, Gil Howard and Engineers Scott and associates provided a steel and concrete specification to allow the pool to be strong enough to support both the boundary wall and the house.

Gil Howard arranged for a 3D art work package to show the expected finished project.

After three months of close negotiations the City of Stirling finally approved the pool for construction.

The first stage was to remove existing brick paving from the pool area.

Then chemical grouting was supplied by BMC Microfine to support the base of the brick wall and house pillars.

A delay of 10 days was required to allow the chemical grouting to set.

Earthworks were then carried out by bobcat until at 1.0m deep the ground water was located.

The bobcat machine could not complete the works due to slippery mud and clay.

The first surprise was the existence of the main power cable for the house inside the pool area and Zoch electrics were called in to relocate the cable.

A commercial dewatering plant was installed by Pumps United to drain the site.

Earthworks continued with a large excavator capable of digging in mud and water.

Blue metal was placed by the machine over the entire floor to make sure that in the future ground water under the pool could flow under the pool floor.

Permanent dewatering pipework was installed in the blue metal base.

The pool formwork and reinforcing steel was installed by specialist pool builders Steven Smolders and Danny Jennings.

In line with the engineer report a hydrostatic release valve was installed in the pool floor.

Prior to the concrete pour, large plastic sheets were installed over the brick boundary wall, house walls and windows to reduce concrete overspray on the property.

Concrete was supplied by Holcim and pumped by WA Shotcrete and the Oasis Pools team.

Pool pipework was installed to the pool equipment area located at the eastern side of the house.

The in ground pool pipework included a Zodiac skimmer box, 50mm suction and return pipes, separate heater pipes and water witch top-up system.

A tiled water feature wall approximately 2.5m x 1.8m with 1200mm Blade and Australis edge pavers was installed on top of the pool shell.

Cables for two LED lights and a LED in the water fall were also installed.

Compaction of backfill and extensive compaction was supplied to secure the soil in the pool area.

At this stage the client requested additional paving around the pool and driveway as a variation to the original contract. This work was completed prior to the pool interior.

A section of artificial Buffalo lawn from Rex Turf was also included in the paving design.

Fencing was supplied by Dean Reigner from Gr8glass fencing to meet the Stirling City special requirements.

The pool edge coping and pavers were supplied from Australis Pavestones

Dark blue 200mm x 200mm waterline tiles and blue speck step treads were selected by the client

Dewatering was again required to empty the pool and ground prior to applying the Dura quartz interior.

The pool interior was high quality Ice Blue dura quartz from Kirkside products.

To further enhance the finish, Flo Jet stainless steel eyeballs, stainless light covers and heater safety suctions were installed.

Filtration equipment from Zodiac was installed.

Ashley Zoch from Zoch electrics connected the power to pumps and heater.

Filtration and sterilization included Flo Pro e3 Low energy pump, large CS250 cartridge filter, connected to Zodiac XO salt chlorinator with ph. control, Flo pro pump for Z300 electric heater.

A Zodiac robot cleaner tops off the low maintenance project

To complete the works, Aaron Green from Pool West chemical installed the initial pool chemicals and instruction to the customer.

The result is another very attractive concrete pool by Oasis Pools in an almost impossible area.


Gil Howard

Oasis Concrete Pools

18 December 2017