When you’re in need of something that is smaller than your typical pool yet bigger than just a large spa, that perfect point in the middle is referred to as a plunge pool.

Usually the size is a function of limited space or perhaps special needs. Popular sizes are 5m x 2.5m, 4m x 3m, or any size that fits the area available and the budget.

A concrete plunge pool can also be constructed on or close to a boundary and close to or even to support a house wall, whereas fibreglass or vinyl options will need to be constructed away from supporting walls, otherwise the structural integrity of the supporting wall will be compromised.

Plunge pools usually have seats and ledges to enable sitting and socializing and a popular request is heating, allowing the pool to be used all year round.

Therapy pools and spas

Plunge pools can also be fitted with optional extras to allow them to function as a therapy pool.

To achieve this, the plunge pool is heated by gas, electric or solar and is an easy addition to the plunge pool’s specification.

Other optional extras can include powerful massage jets, air blower floor tracks and swim jets for endless swimming.

A swim jet pool is usually 5m minimum length and width 2.5m.