From commercially used lap pools for swimming schools to a personal and bespoke lap pool in your Perth home. The benefits of using Oasis Pools and a concrete pool construction is total customisation to fit your space.

A long narrow pool shell is the basic description of a Lap pool. The minimum usable width is 2.0m and the length is determined by the space available and the client’s budget.

The most popular width is 2.5m which is the same as an Olympic Pool lane.

The depth and floor shape can vary.

However, 1.35m throughout is a popular water depth request. This depth is safe for tumble turns and allows people to stand with their head out of the water.

This 1.35m appears to suit many women and children.

Our concrete lap pool designs can also include steps, ledges, shallow play areas and a hot water spa.

A concrete pool can be built on or close to a property boundary and can also be designed to support a house wall, so lap pools may be the best solution when land area is limited or just narrow as can often be the case in newer development areas. What is often a thin and rarely used walkway at the side of the house can be turned into an aesthetically pleasing and fully functional lap pool in your Perth home, keeping much of your open space free for other recreational activities or gardening.

If you’re not sure what your options are in consideration to the layout of your property, get in touch with us and we’ll be able to provide some guidance, completely obligation free.