Negative edges (infinity edges) and holding gutters

An infinity pools as a pool of water where water flows over one or more edges provide an impression of a body of water with no boundary.

We have all seen the magnificent resort pools with negative or infinity edges flowing over into a glamorous waterway or natural background.

If you look over a beautiful view then perhaps an infinity edge can enhance your pool project and we can build that for you.

Negative edge overflows are a very frequently selected option but require some extra engineering skills.

Engineering Upgrade

The engineering challenge in designing and constructing an infinity pool is due to the fact that they are usually built in rather precarious areas, meaning sound structural engineering is essential. That is where the experience and technical know-how of Oasis Pools sets us apart from the competition.

The pool wall that has the infinity negative edge overflow must be a self-supporting wall that is strong enough to handle the forces from bombies and the static water weight.

The structural specification requested by the Engineer changes and extra steel is required in the pool wall.

The concrete wall thickness also increases to make the wall a self-supporting out of ground structure.

The out of ground wall is best constructed with smooth form board to enable a straight surface suitable for tiling or cladding.

The appearance of the outside of the pool then becomes an issue.

If there is no need for an attractive wall it can be rendered or even left in raw concrete state.

However, in most cases tiling is recommended where the water flows over the edge into the gutter.

Stacked stone cladding is a popular option for a rustic outer appearance.

Infinity Pool Overflow Gutter

The water that overflows is caught in a gutter and then returned to the pool via the filtration pump and connecting pipework via safety suctions.

Safety suctions at least one metre apart are installed in the gutter floor.

A pool skimmer box is also recommended to provide optional filtration pipework in case the water level falls below the overflow.

Clients should consider an automatic top up system to make sure the pool is always full to the overflow level.

The gutter should be at least 2000 litres in capacity to allow for overflow created by several people entering the pool at the same time.

Most gutters are 300 mm deep and 1000 mm wide by the pool length.

The internal plaster finish in the gutter can be tiled the same as the pool or even pebble coated.

To provide a professional finish a bull nose paver the same as the pool is recommended on top of the gutter.

Pool Fencing around an infinity edge pool

Regardless of whether you are installing a fibreglass pool or a beautiful cutom built concrete infinity pool in your Perth home, safety fencing is still required by law to prevent access free to the pool from the house.

There is a possibility that fencing may be not required on the out of ground side if the distance from the top of the gutter to the top of the overflow is greater that 1200 mm.

The gutter must then be less than 300 mm deep.

This item is currently under discussion Australia wide by State Governments.

Heating and pool blankets are worth discussion before investing in an infinity edge pool.