Power to the pump

Swimming pool pumps and sterilization equipment require electric power at the filter site.

An electrician connects an independent cable from the house meter box in conduit to the filter location. A safety switch or fuse is obviously required.

The location of the power points for the pump is required to be greater that 3.5m from the water line and hopefully away from the entertainment area.

In most cases at least two outdoor power points are requested.

The pool pump usually plugs into the salt water chlorinator or liquid chlorine dispenser and the chlorinator then plugs into a power point.

If a solar heater, gas or electric heater pump is also required they use the remaining power point.
Pools with a therapeutic spa area require air pumps and booster pumps plus air switches so a meeting with the electrician is essential. The power board at the house may need to be upgraded.

Robotic cleaners are a popular choice and are electric so it is not unusual to have at least four outdoor power points in case of a future purchase.

Electric heat pumps for heating the pool are becoming very popular and require direct wiring to the heater by the electrician so be sure to inform the electrician of your objectives to save extra electrical cable costs in the future.

Light switch location

Pool lighting is low voltage and the switch can be located at the house to suit the client.

Without advice from the client an electrician will terminate the light switch at the filtration area. It might be nice to have a light switch at the back door instead.

Another option is to invest around $300 for a remote control light switch that looks like a garage door opener and enables the light to be remotely controlled.

Remote pool control systems

There are many electrical systems available with an almost endless number of switching options.

Clients who are into gadgets may want to use their mobile phone to turn on the spa heater, start the waterfall, open the front gate, turn on the sprinklers, start the oven etc.

However, let us assume that you wanted a heated pool with a spa and required a simple system to remotely control the pool equipment.

Zodiac is our recommended supplier and have a system called Aqualink.

You can select from a four channel system to handle pool lights, heater, pumps and blower complete with a hand set for remote control.

Aqualink remote can also change water flow in water features by opening motorized valves located in the filtration plant room.

Also available from Aqualink are larger systems that provide mutliple options.

Your pool designer can supply alsmost any combination to suit your individual needs.

Electrical costs are different with each house so the electrician it is usually not included in a basic pool price.

We believe the fairest method is to include an allowance in the contract and make an adjustment after the client has set out his requirements with the electrician.

Of course the client can also elect to have his own electrician and take responsibilty for the supply and installation.