Basic equipment

Included in most construction contracts is the supply and instruction for a manual cleaning kit.

Usually the kit includes an adjustable handle, pool broom, leaf scoop, vacuum hose, vacuum head and chemical test kit.

The vacuum hose connects to a vacuum head on one end and into the skimmer box at the other end.

The head is connected to the adjustable handle which is extended to enable the owner to reach the floor of the pool.

The vacuum system is similar to a household vacuum cleaner air suction system except the pool vacuum hose is full of water.

Some people say the cleaning task has some therapeutic benefits to the person cleaning but not everybody agrees with that idea.

Suction cleaners

Early model suction cleaners were created by Kreepy Krauly and modern versions are still very popular.

Basically the head of the cleaner joins to the vacuum hose, moves around the floor in a random manner and is powered by the filter pump.

The better models can manoeuvre around steps and ledges and even reverse out of tight spots if required.

Prices start around $400 and quality does vary enormously with top brands costing around $1000.

Most manufacturers have installers who will visit your pool and provide a test run the cleaner to make sure the model is successful in the pool.

Professional designers can advise you on the best model for your pool.

Selecting a suction cleaner is another example of the cheapest not always being the best long term investment.

Zodiac have a wide range of cleaners and the leading current model is called a T5 suction cleaner.

Pressure cleaners

Suction cleaner us the water suction created by the pool pump.

Pressure cleaners however push water into the pool to disturb any debris and then use suction to draw the rubbish to the filter.

A pressure cleaner use a separate pump and require an extra electrical power point.
Some models have a trailing bag to collect the debris.

Recent advancements in Robotic cleaners have seen a loss of popularity in pressure cleaners.

Prices approximately $2000.

Robotic Cleaners

Now we are getting very modern.

The manufacturers have made huge steps forward into remote control and ‘intelligent’ robotic cleaners.

Imagine a motorized cleaner that has a built in electric motor, wheels or tracks, and a long electrical cable that has low voltage power supply.

There are many models in the market and prices are around $2500.

Zodiac V4

We recommend the Zodiac V4 four wheel drive model.

The V4 Robot also has a trolley or buggy to move from the storage to the pool.

The robot does not have a vacuum hose to get in the way of swimmers.

The robot cleans the pool quickly and is not designed to be in the pool all of the time.

Debris is collected by the Robot and stored inside the unit.

It has an electronic control box that indicates when it is full of rubbish.

The owner will need to empty the unit just like with a household vacuum cleaner.

Brushes and a wide mouth capture large obstacles, enable waterline tiles and the pool interior to be scrubbed and also clean steps and ledges.

The Robot cleaners are an independent unit and can be purchased any time after the pool is constructed.

It appears that in some social groups, having a new Robotic cleaner provides some social status and a lot of time is spent watching it work.