The quality ranges from free giveaway pool covers with poor quality usually offered to help close your purchase, to individually designed quality covers with at least a 10 year warranty.

  • Pool blankets are now compulsory due to local government rules.
  • The purpose of a cover is basically to reduce evaporation, heat up the pool and also to prevent rubbish from finding its way into the pool.
  • Of course a pool cover or blanket only does this job when the client remembers to put the cover on the pool.
  • The cover is the same shape as the pool and floats on the surface of the water.
  • A pool blanket looks like a bubble wrap plastic sheet.
  • The materials vary in strength and are measured by thickness and a good guide is the warranty offered.
  • A standard pool size cover will cost around $500 plus the roller.
  • There is a wide range of rollers to assist with removal and also store the cover when it has been removed from the pool.
  • Rollers range in price from $500- $1200. Some are metal and others are plastic.
  • There are several manufacturers however I suggest you investigate Elite Pool covers and Daisy pool covers.
  • The quality is high from both and they are Western Australian companies.

Hideaway in ground covers and rollers

  • It is possible to have a cover and roller built in the ground and hidden from view.
  • Elite have a quality product with an aluminium box in the ground and a choice of attractive flush mounted lids that are located in the pool surround paving.
  • An automatic winder to remove the pool blanket and roll it into the box is also available.
  • The product price is a function of size and installation degree of difficulty.
  • A guide for a hideaway cover supplied and installed is $8000 for an average size pool.
  • Obviously for an individually designed concrete pool with a unique shape, the cover is designed and priced individually to suit the pool.

Hard rigid covers for pools

  • Motorized hard covers are available and are designed to be strong enough to walk over the pool.
  • The automated motorized covers are similar to the action of roller doors and retract into a section of the pool so the cover is completely out of site.
  • The covers are made up of flexible sections and are available in a range of colours.
  • Solar heating will be more efficient with a clear blue hard cover.
  • Prices are on application and can be $25000+.
  • The pool designer will need to design the pool with an allowance for the concrete cover section as part of the structure.
  • Elite pool covers in Western Australia have working models in their display office in Balcatta.