The first question asked by most people is usually ‘how much are your pools? Obviously this is an impossible question to answer without a lot more information.

The question usually indicates that the customer is just starting their research and need a lot of information to help them with their selection.

In most cases people do not know what to ask, the pool designers are to help educate the client so they can make the correct decision without sales pressure.

Price is not the main reason for selecting a quality concrete swimming pool. Fibreglass and vinyl lined brick pools are cheaper so to some degree this is price bracket shopping. It is generally believed that Concrete pools are the top of the quality swimming pool market place.

Concrete pools main characteristics are longevity, self-supporting engineered structures that can be almost any shape, depth and colour.

Concrete pools can be built much closer to boundaries and houses than fibreglass pools. In many cases the pool shell is made strong enough to support a house wall or a boundary wall. This enables the largest pool possible in a small area.

Concrete pools are also the most expensive type of pool to construct. They have a steel reinforced concrete shell with similar engineering structure to a high rise building in the city.
Therefore it is important to select your price bracket and then check out the specification to see what is included in the price.

A concrete pool will last for several generations and is perceived as an appreciating asset along with your house. Fibreglass and vinyl lined pools are depreciating items over time.

As mentioned earlier, many people start by asking for prices to build a concrete pool.

In general, most people invest $50,000 to $100,000 for a family concrete pool. The fortunate few may add a heated spa, swim jets, water features, play areas, infinity edges and the price can total over $100000.

I also offer a Family range from $40,000 to smaller budgets. Small plunge pools can be as low as $30000. Clients should take their time to gain the information get to know the builder, and the product benefits before making a decision to buy their water showpiece.

Of course, there will always be some builders who will do a lesser quality job at a lower price.

I have been asked many times to fix up and finish other people’s poor quality low price attempts that left clients with unfinished problem projects.

In 2012-13 I completed 38 unfinished pools left by others. My clients are usually business and professional people who want the pool project to be a well-managed, hassle free construction so they can do what they do best, and we do what we do best to provide some peace and tranquillity during the process.

The market segment that Oasis Pools and Pool Developments services is the individually designed fully automated concrete water showpiece.

This is not mass production. Each pool is managed from start to finish by Gil Howard