Western Australia Pool + Outdoor Design Magazine Issue 14

Redolent of natural beauty, this pool was expertly designed and built by Oasis Pools. The client wanted their new pool to be a gorgeous feature in the garden area, while maximising the available space. The client also requested a design that incorporated rockery and a waterfall. By working with detailed three-dimensional plans, Oasis Pools was able to craft the pool and outdoor space to perfection. The stunning pool features a pale pebble interior, creating an elegant and relaxed feel.

To achieve an authentic, rockpool-style design, the same pebble surface was used to pave the surrounding pool area, resulting in a cohesive finish.

The free-form design, which mimics a coastal rockpool, incorporates a walk-in beach entry which is ideal for relaxing in the sun while chatting to family and friends in the adjacent pergola and outdoor entertaining area. The strategically positioned waterfall provides soothing sounds and a calming aesthetic, while the artful windbreak echoes the surrounding palms and ferns in its design, and the neutral colour palette complements the dwelling for a seamless overall result.

Twenty tonnes of granite rocks form the pool’s border, which was cleverly installed using a large mobile crane and a bobcat. The pool’s concrete shell was built before the house, including the reinforced shelves for the rocks to sit on. Once the house was built, Oasis Pools came back to add the finishing touches to the pool. The team worked closely with the contractors who were building the dwelling to give the client peace of mind that their project would run smoothly while they were overseas.

To minimise pool maintenance time and costs, a water-saving cartridge filter, multi-speed pump and Tri-XO CrossOver chlorinator by Zodiac were selected. A Z300 MD8 electric heater with separate pump was also installed to keep the pool at a comfortable temperature throughout the year.

Oasis Pools also designed the landscaping in consultation with the client, and the mix of lush ferns provides a splash of colour while minimising the amount of debris falling in the pool. With bright leaves, natural rocks, and an artistic windbreak to screen the border fence, this outdoor space is the perfect alternative to a day at the beach.

Oasis Pools has more than 40 years’ experience in designing and building high-quality concrete pools. Founder Gil Howard personally oversees each and every project, providing the same care and attention to detail for which the company is renowned. Beginning each project with a detailed meeting, Howard discusses everything from structural engineering to lighting, ensuring each step of the design and build process is carried out smoothly. The experienced team can even provide advice on the best in pool equipment, lighting and finishes, so you can rest assured your project is in safe hands.

Since its establishment, Oasis Pools has garnered a reputation for friendly and professional service, and exceptional design. The company works closely with contractors to ensure every pool they build is a cohesive and beautiful addition to the property.

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Designed by Oasis Pools’ founder Gil Howard, this unique L-shaped pool is the perfect complement to the clients new home. Featuring an iconic stacked-stone infinity edge, the pool has striking visual appeal.

Constructed on a sloping site, the pool features engineer-designed, self-supporting walls, which deliver additional reinforcement to the home. The pool’s elevation reduces the need for fencing, and a frameless-glass style was selected to ensure the clients enjoy unobstructed views of the water.

Fitted with a solar-powered Zodiac heater, the pool maintains a comfortable temperature year-round, while sand-coloured paving and coping from Australis Pavestone provide cohesive visual appeal. Measuring 10m x 3m, with a 5m x 3m beach entry, the pool is perfect for both exercise and relaxation. Flush-mounted LED lights ensure the pool can be enjoyed at any hour.

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Oasis Pools maintains a solid reputation for installing quality concrete pools in unusual locations. With unique and customisable designs by Howard available, the company’s concrete pools can be created in any shape and size to suit the varying conditions of odd-shaped blocks, steep and sloping sites, small spaces and any other challenging areas.

The team at Oasis Pools are experts in projects that present logistical and access difficulties, and Howard offers his clients exceptional design services, a wealth of construction knowledge and decades of experience. Whether you have a simple site or a challenging block from which many designers would shy away, Howard will always rise to the challenge.

The company builds approximately 10–15 pools per year, and prides itself on creating masterpieces on even the most difficult sites. Complex design features such as infinity edges are easily achievable with Oasis Pools, and the company can help you every step of the way to ensure you receive the perfect pool for your property.

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